Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thanks O's!!!

Now that I've had some time to cool off and put that series with the Yankees behind me I can post this. I can't stand the Yankees and that organization. Some would say well that's because of their history and their dominance. I disagree. You see I hate the Steelers but there is some sincere respect for the team and their organization. As for the Evil Empire I don't respect a team that has a payroll two to three times that of most teams in the league, and shame on MLB for not leveling the playing field. With that payroll and talent you should win.
Enough of my rant. I'm proud of the boys of Bmore! After finishing 69-93 nobody gave them a chance to make it this far. For good reasons to. I mean who goes from 69 wins to 93 in one season especially when you've had 14 losing seasons? Well now you can say the 2012 Orioles that's who. What was the difference you ask. Well how about a bunch of guys that were cast offs. Guys that were released and had down seasons and traded. Guys from the likes of Omar Quintanilla, Jim Thome, Nate Mclouth, Jason Hammel, and Joe Saunders. Throw them in with a bunch of young guys in the rotation and 20 year old third basemen and some key leaders in Jones, Markakis, and Hardy and it turned into a winning recipe. Not sure what happened to the bats but if they didn't cool off when they did we could be talking about a team set for the big stage. I can't complain though. After waiting and agonizing for 14 years this team was fun to watch and sparked that fire in all of Bmore. 2012 O's we're proud of you and thank you for this season. It was a blast, but you're not done. Keep building, keep scrapping, and let's get ready for 2013. This wasn't our year but I think we sent a message to the AL East. The Birds are back and we are no longer taking a back seat to anyone anymore!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 6 NFL Picks

Last week was another down the toilet. If you want to see my disasterous picks go here. Man this season has been a little crazy. Only thing keeping me from breaking down is how the Ravens are positioning themselves in the division. Last week for the black birds was rough. They didn't look good at all on defense, but Charles is going to make a lot of defenses look that way.

Alright let's gets some good picks this week and turn the around.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee
I'll excuse this game if the Titans can pull it off, but Steelers win

Oakland @ Atlanta
The Falcons are flying high. They continue to soar this week.

Cincy @ Cleveland
Division game at home for the Browns, and they are 0-5 this season. They have to snap that losing streak. I'm going with a Cleveland upset.

St Louis @ Miami
I don't like picking dome teams when playing outdoors. Calling for rain this weekend. I'm going Miami.

Indy @ NY Jets
I love seeing the Jets lose, and I think Indy has things figured out and riding high after beating the Packers.

Detroit @ Philthy
Hate to pick 'em but Eagles win.

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay
I don't want to pick KC on the road, but the numbers comparision has me leaning that way.What the heck KC

Dallas @ Baltimore
Baltimore has put up 30 points past 2 meetings. With this new offense I don't see why they can't again. Baltimore wins

Buffalo @ Arizona
I don't know why I always want to lean toward Buffalo in these picks. Not this time. Arizona

New England @ Seattle
Seattle at home against a big competitor. You know what that means. That mean Seattle is going to upset. Can't do it. New England wins

NY Giants @ San Fran
Going with San Fran here

Minnesota @ Washington
Questionable starting QB in Washington has me leaning to the Vikings.

Green Bay @ Houston
What is up with GB? Houston wins

Denver @ San Diego
I think the records will even out this week. Denver wins.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 5 NFL Picks

Alright so apparently I was so unhappy with previous weeks picks I wanted to redo them. I labeled last weeks picks Week 3 Picks. Oh well. Anyway last week was my best week of the season as I went 12-3 last week. Want to see last weeks picks click here. That brings my standings after the first quarter of the season to 35-28. Not the best start but over .500.

Let's take a look at week 5.

Arizona @ St Louis
How can you not pick against the hotter team in this matchup? Arizon wins 21-17

Miami @ Cincy
Cincy is 3-1 going up against the 1-3 Dolphins. Not impressed with the quality of the teams Cincy has beat but they should take this game at home.

Green Bay @ Indy
Not much to say here. Going GB!

Baltimore @ KC
Could be a high scoring affair. Baltimore is giving up yards and KC has some stand out offensive players. Cassel however has thrown 7 picks in 4 games. Baltimore will force some turnovers in the second half.

Cleveland @ NY Giants
G-men are the better team and take this game at home.

Philly @ Pittsburgh
I can't stand either of these teams. That said I still have to pick one. Philly is the team you hate to pick because of the way they've been winning as of late. I'm going with the more hated Steelers.

Atlanta @ Washington
Here's another team I can't stand, the Falcons. I'm picking with my heart a little here because I want to see Atlanta get whooped.

Seattle @ Carolina
Seattle is pretty shaky on the road. Carolina wins.

Chicago @ Jacksonville
Bears have the better team.

Tennessee @ Minnesota
Minn knocked off SF and Detroit in the past 2 weeks. The titans should be a breeze.

Denver @ New England
Tough, tough game. Patriots can be beaten. I'm going with Denver coming into NE and knocking off the Pats

Buffalo @ San Fran
San Fran. That's all

San Diego @ New Orleans
Oh how the Saints, keep losing games, oh how the Saints keep losing games. San Diego should have their number and the Saints keep losing games!

Houston @ NY Jets
The Jets are hurting. Literally! Houston wins