Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 16 NFL Picks

First I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!  With that said time has been short so I haven't had a chance to sit down and put my thoughts down on the games. However I did want to put my picks out there so I will make this one a short one.

Houston over Indy
Baltimore over Cleveland
Denver over Buffalo
Carolina over TB
Cincy over Arizona
Oakland over KC
Miami over NE
NYG over NYJ
Pitt over StL
Jacksonville over Tennessee
Washington over Minnesota
SD over Detroit
Philly over Dallas
SF over Seattle
GB over Chicago
NO over Atlanta

Weeks 15 Pick Results

So after going back and looking at my picks I realized I missed the Carolina @ Houston game. It's probably for the better since this week I was 9-6 bringing my season record to 123-68 64.8%

Here's the recap of my horrible picks:

Atlanta over Jacksonville     CORRECT

Dallas over TB     CORRECT

Miami over Buffalo     CORRECT

Seattle over Chicago     CORRECT

Tennessee over Indy     WRONG

GB over KC     WRONG  Although jokingly I said they would do it. Never saw it happening though

NO over Minnesota     CORRECT

NYG over Washington    WRONG

Cincy over StL     CORRECT

Oakland over Detroit     WRONG

Arizona over Cleveland     CORRECT

Denver over NE     WRONG

Philly over NYJ     CORRECT

Baltimore over SD     WRONG

SF over Pitt     CORRECT

Thank you SF for helping us get back in the driver seat of the division.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Out with the old in with new...Ravens edition

Alright so I've been wanting to put this together for a while now but wanted to wait until later in the season.  All I have heard from Ravens fans and Ravens haters was that all the guys we cut in the off season is going to bite us in the butt.  All I heard was "How can the Ravens win without Mason, Heap, McGahee, Gaither on the O line, Gregg on the D line, and Josh Wilson in the D backfield?"
I from day 1 liked the moves. I like the players themselves, well majority of them but they were aging. Not only were the aging but declining in production, injury prone, and over paid. I liked the idea to get younger and trusted that Ozzie and the front office would find younger more productive guys to fill those spots.

Here's a break down of what the guys we lost have done this season and what their replacement's have done.

WR Derrick Mason played in 12 games he only started 2 games. He has 19 Receptions 170 yards averaging 8.9 yards a catch and no TD's (That's between 2 teams this season.)

He was replaced by Lee Evans who was injured and replaced by Torrey Smith a rookie out of Maryland. I will give both of their stats because even though Evans has been injured he has been almost as productive as Mason.

WR Lee Evans played in 6 games he started 1 and has 4 receptions for 74 yards averaging 18.5 yards a catch and no TD's

WR Torrey Smith played in 13 games starting 11 he has 37 receptions for 693 yards averaging 18.7 yards a catch and has scored 6 TD's.  Younger faster and more productive than the aging veteran.

Then you have Heap who as a person is very much missed in Baltimore.

TE Todd Heap played in 7 games starting 4 of them. He has 13 receptions for 150 yards averaging 11.5 yards a reception and no TD's. He has been injured this season as well which has been a problem as of late.

He was replaced with 2 young TE's Dickson and Pitta.

TE Ed Dickson has played in all 13 games starting all 13. He has 48 receptions for 458 yards and averaging 9.5 a catch and scored 3 TD's.

TE Dennis Pitta has also played in 13 games and has 31 receptions for 318 yards and averaging 10.3 yards a catch scoring 2 TD's.

Again younger, faster, and more productive than the aging vet.

RB Willis McGahee has been a good addition to the Broncos this year and is putting up decent numbers but he had too high of a price tag to remain here as a back up to Rice. We signed Ricky Williams to take over for Willis and Williams not only comes in with a more cap friendly salary he has posted similar numbers that Willis put up when he was here as a backup.
As a backup last year in 15 games Willis rushed for 380 yards for a 3.8 avg 5 TD's had 55 receiving yds for 1 TD
Williams this year for the Ravens as a backup in 13 games has 351 yards for a 3.9 avg 2 TD's has 62 receiving yds and no TD's

Without Gaither on the O line we have held our own. We replaced him with veteran LT Bryant McKinnie who has played pretty good this season.

DT Kelly Gregg moved on to KC where he has 34 tackles and 1 sack. He was replaced by monster 2nd year Terrence "Mount" Cody. He has 24 tackles and no sacks but takes up space being 6'4" 349lbs directing all traffic to Ngata and the outside of the field.

DB Josh Wilson left for the Skins and took some shots at the Baltimore fans, but has played alright for them. He was one I was hoping we could have kept. With the skins he has 52 tackles 12 deflected passes 1 INT. You can say he was replaced by either Lardarius Webb or Cary Williams. Either one no matter which you choose has played amazing in coverage this season. Webb has 62 tackles 14 deflected passes 1 sack 1 forced fumble and 4 INT's one of those going for a TD and not to mention so far this season he hasn't given up a single TD to opposing WR's. Cary Williams has 62 tackles 15 deflected passes and 1 forced fumble.

So I think it's safe to say now Baltimore looking back to all the pessimism going into this season because we let go of our "old reliables" these young guys and a couple vet's we added have done their job. They have not only filled those holes they took over, they have out performed their predecessors.

Week 15 NFL Picks

Alright I have to apologize for not posting more. I promise once things settle down after the Holidays I'll be posting a lot more. I have things I want to write about the Ravens, Orioles, and CAPS but with Christmas, Noah's birthday in December and us moving back to the other house in January it's been crazy.

Last week's picks turned out pretty good. You can see them here.

Here's this weeks games:

Jacksonville @ Atlanta

  • Atlanta still has something to play for and is at home against a team that has already fired their coach.
  • Jacksonville walloped TB last week, but it's TB. Atlanta is the better team and will win at home.

Dallas @ TB

  • See my comment above about what happened to TB last week. Dallas should have no problem this week.
  • With that said could Dallas slip against TB even though 1st place is on the line? Yeah they did 2 weeks ago to Arizona.
  • I'm going Dallas

Miami @ Buffalo

  • The 2 bottom dwellers in the East. Who would have thought with the way Buffalo started.
  • Buffalo on a 6 game slide and I think Miami adds to that and wins on the road.

Seattle @ Chicago

  • Chicago is hurting without their starting QB running things
  • Seattle, like I said last week I like what I'm seeing from them lately.
  • Seattle unleashes their beast Marshawn Lynch and he leads the Seahawks to a "W" in a city I'd love to go back and visit.

Tennessee @ Indy

  • Zzzzzzz... Oh sorry just the mention of this game put's me to sleep.
  • Indy continues their "Suck for Luck" quest and loses this game as well. I mean come on you still have the Rams and Vikings in the running with 2 wins.


  • Alright now that I have your attention GB wins easy. I had to throw something almost as humorous as this game is going to be. 
NO @ Minnesota

  • NO is preparing for the postseason and Minnesota is preparing for the offseason and next years draft
  • NO wins and shouldn't have any problems
Washington @ NYG

  • Redskins won earlier in the year but that was week 1. I can see them stealing one here only because it's a division game and anything can happen with division games.
  • NY is playing for a playoff spot and 1st in the NFC East they win at home.

Cincy @ StL

  • Bengals have slipped these past 2 weeks much to my liking. I think they get back in the win column against the Rams. I wouldn't be upset though if they fell again.

Detroit @ Oakland

  • Lions going out to the West Coast to battle the Raiders, and the Raiders slide by with a last minute field goal.

Cleveland @ Arizona

  • Browns banged up after their game with the despised Steeler's.
  • Arizona winning as of late and win this one at home.

NE @ Denver

  • NE has looked weak barely winning against the Skins, and letting up and letting Indy back into the game.
  • Denver has Tebow. I doubted him early in the season but he's played alright as their QB. He's protected the ball and is starting to throw more. Not the best in the game but coming along, and still has a long way to go.
  • Maybe I'm hoping this happens too much but Denver wins in OT

NYJ @ Philly

  • Next to the Steelers there's not any team I despise more than Philthy and the Jets.
  • Philly wins and ruins Jets fans Christmas as their playoff hopes fade.

Baltimore @ SD

  • If this was earlier in the season I would have been worried with the travel but they are focused now and have stuck to an offensive game plan that fits us best.
  • Ray Lewis will be back this week and even missing our shut down corner this season in Webb we should be fine defensively
  • SD has Gaither in at LT and I don't see him stopping "Sizzle" coming off the end. He has the talent to play LT and shows signs of being good but lacks the focus and dedication.
  • If we can get to Rivers he will cough it up and has proven that all season.
  • Ravens win and I'm going out on a limb and say they win big this week. Hopefully I didn't just jinx us.

Pittsburgh @ SF

  • Oh I can't tell you how much I want the 49ers to stick it to the despised Steelers.
  • Steelers dealing with a handful of injuries Carter and Polamalu have hamstring strains, Ben and Pouncey both have high ankle sprains, and Ziggy Hood has a groin strain. We'll see who plays and I'll continue to listen to 93.7 The Fan Pitt to get my updates.
  • Woodley may be back for Pitt but Harrison is out so 49er players are safe from cheap shots from the Steeler defense. Hines Ward will be playing so he'll get some cheap shots in against the 49ers D players.
  • Steelers haven't been as stout against the run as they have been in the past. I think Gore may find some success.
  • 49ERS WIN!!!!!  I hope!

Week 14 Pick Results

That's what I'm talking about! Good week all around.  The Ravens trounce the team from Indy and I went 13-3 in my picks.  That brings my season total to 114-62 64.7%

Pitt over Cleveland     CORRECT
Baltimore over Indy     CORRECT
Atlanta over Carolina     CORRECT
Cincy over Houston     WRONG
Detroit over Minnesota     CORRECT
Jacksonville over TB     CORRECT
Miami over Philly     WRONG
NO over Tennessee     CORRECT
NE over Washington     CORRECT
SF over Arizona     WRONG
Denver over Chicago     CORRECT
GB over Oakland     CORRECT
SD over Buffalo     CORRECT
NYG over Dallas     CORRECT
Seattle over StL     CORRECT

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 14 NFL Picks

Well last week was horrible and you can see the damage here.  So far this season I'm at 101-59 63.12%.

Let's hope this week is better. I haven't had much time this week so I'm going to give a quick glimpse at my picks.

Pitt over Cleveland     I hope it goes the other way though.

Baltimore over Indy     Time to do some damage to that horse shoe.

Atlanta over Carolina     Had a hard time with this as I think the Panthers may pull it off at home.

Cincy over Houston     Think Cincy can cause some turnovers and win a close game at home.

Detroit over Minnesota     Detroit will stop their skid in a close win over the Vikings

Jacksonville over TB     2 teams at the bottom of the pile and after the Jags win both will be 4-9

Miami over Philly     Vick should be back but going with the Dolphins at home who have looked good as of late

NYJ over KC     Jets at home with the playoffs on the line win this one.

NO over Tennessee     NO is the better team hands down

NE over Washington     Would love to see the Skins win this one but they let me down last week

SF over Arizona     SF keeps on rolling

Denver over Chicago     How can you not go with the red hot Broncos. Tebows throwing better and the team is rallying behind him.

GB over Oakland     Man I wish Oakland was completely healthy for this one. If so they may have been the ones to stop the streak of perfection.

SD over Buffalo     After the way the season started man this season has been a let down for the Bills.

NYG over Dallas     NY gets even in the standings with the Cowboys this week.

Seattle over StL    I have to admit I'm liking what little glimpses I see from the Seahawks offense as of late.

Week 13 NFL Pick Results

This past week stunk in terms of my NFL picks. I didn't really mind because the Ravens won and that's all that matters. Last week I went 9-7 and my season standings slid to 101-59 63.12%.

Here's the damage:

Philly over Seattle     WRONG
Buffalo over Tennessee     WRONG
Chicago over KC     WRONG
Atlanta over Houston     WRONG
Miami over Oakland     CORRECT
Denver over Minnesota     CORRECT
NE over Indy     CORRECT
Cincy over Pitt     WRONG
Carolina over TB     CORRECT
Washington over NYJ     WRONG
Baltimore over Cleveland     CORRECT
Dallas over Arizona     WRONG
SF over StL     CORRECT
NO over Detroit     CORRECT
SD over Jacksonville     CORRECT