Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 16 NFL Picks

First I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!  With that said time has been short so I haven't had a chance to sit down and put my thoughts down on the games. However I did want to put my picks out there so I will make this one a short one.

Houston over Indy
Baltimore over Cleveland
Denver over Buffalo
Carolina over TB
Cincy over Arizona
Oakland over KC
Miami over NE
NYG over NYJ
Pitt over StL
Jacksonville over Tennessee
Washington over Minnesota
SD over Detroit
Philly over Dallas
SF over Seattle
GB over Chicago
NO over Atlanta

Weeks 15 Pick Results

So after going back and looking at my picks I realized I missed the Carolina @ Houston game. It's probably for the better since this week I was 9-6 bringing my season record to 123-68 64.8%

Here's the recap of my horrible picks:

Atlanta over Jacksonville     CORRECT

Dallas over TB     CORRECT

Miami over Buffalo     CORRECT

Seattle over Chicago     CORRECT

Tennessee over Indy     WRONG

GB over KC     WRONG  Although jokingly I said they would do it. Never saw it happening though

NO over Minnesota     CORRECT

NYG over Washington    WRONG

Cincy over StL     CORRECT

Oakland over Detroit     WRONG

Arizona over Cleveland     CORRECT

Denver over NE     WRONG

Philly over NYJ     CORRECT

Baltimore over SD     WRONG

SF over Pitt     CORRECT

Thank you SF for helping us get back in the driver seat of the division.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Out with the old in with new...Ravens edition

Alright so I've been wanting to put this together for a while now but wanted to wait until later in the season.  All I have heard from Ravens fans and Ravens haters was that all the guys we cut in the off season is going to bite us in the butt.  All I heard was "How can the Ravens win without Mason, Heap, McGahee, Gaither on the O line, Gregg on the D line, and Josh Wilson in the D backfield?"
I from day 1 liked the moves. I like the players themselves, well majority of them but they were aging. Not only were the aging but declining in production, injury prone, and over paid. I liked the idea to get younger and trusted that Ozzie and the front office would find younger more productive guys to fill those spots.

Here's a break down of what the guys we lost have done this season and what their replacement's have done.

WR Derrick Mason played in 12 games he only started 2 games. He has 19 Receptions 170 yards averaging 8.9 yards a catch and no TD's (That's between 2 teams this season.)

He was replaced by Lee Evans who was injured and replaced by Torrey Smith a rookie out of Maryland. I will give both of their stats because even though Evans has been injured he has been almost as productive as Mason.

WR Lee Evans played in 6 games he started 1 and has 4 receptions for 74 yards averaging 18.5 yards a catch and no TD's

WR Torrey Smith played in 13 games starting 11 he has 37 receptions for 693 yards averaging 18.7 yards a catch and has scored 6 TD's.  Younger faster and more productive than the aging veteran.

Then you have Heap who as a person is very much missed in Baltimore.

TE Todd Heap played in 7 games starting 4 of them. He has 13 receptions for 150 yards averaging 11.5 yards a reception and no TD's. He has been injured this season as well which has been a problem as of late.

He was replaced with 2 young TE's Dickson and Pitta.

TE Ed Dickson has played in all 13 games starting all 13. He has 48 receptions for 458 yards and averaging 9.5 a catch and scored 3 TD's.

TE Dennis Pitta has also played in 13 games and has 31 receptions for 318 yards and averaging 10.3 yards a catch scoring 2 TD's.

Again younger, faster, and more productive than the aging vet.

RB Willis McGahee has been a good addition to the Broncos this year and is putting up decent numbers but he had too high of a price tag to remain here as a back up to Rice. We signed Ricky Williams to take over for Willis and Williams not only comes in with a more cap friendly salary he has posted similar numbers that Willis put up when he was here as a backup.
As a backup last year in 15 games Willis rushed for 380 yards for a 3.8 avg 5 TD's had 55 receiving yds for 1 TD
Williams this year for the Ravens as a backup in 13 games has 351 yards for a 3.9 avg 2 TD's has 62 receiving yds and no TD's

Without Gaither on the O line we have held our own. We replaced him with veteran LT Bryant McKinnie who has played pretty good this season.

DT Kelly Gregg moved on to KC where he has 34 tackles and 1 sack. He was replaced by monster 2nd year Terrence "Mount" Cody. He has 24 tackles and no sacks but takes up space being 6'4" 349lbs directing all traffic to Ngata and the outside of the field.

DB Josh Wilson left for the Skins and took some shots at the Baltimore fans, but has played alright for them. He was one I was hoping we could have kept. With the skins he has 52 tackles 12 deflected passes 1 INT. You can say he was replaced by either Lardarius Webb or Cary Williams. Either one no matter which you choose has played amazing in coverage this season. Webb has 62 tackles 14 deflected passes 1 sack 1 forced fumble and 4 INT's one of those going for a TD and not to mention so far this season he hasn't given up a single TD to opposing WR's. Cary Williams has 62 tackles 15 deflected passes and 1 forced fumble.

So I think it's safe to say now Baltimore looking back to all the pessimism going into this season because we let go of our "old reliables" these young guys and a couple vet's we added have done their job. They have not only filled those holes they took over, they have out performed their predecessors.

Week 15 NFL Picks

Alright I have to apologize for not posting more. I promise once things settle down after the Holidays I'll be posting a lot more. I have things I want to write about the Ravens, Orioles, and CAPS but with Christmas, Noah's birthday in December and us moving back to the other house in January it's been crazy.

Last week's picks turned out pretty good. You can see them here.

Here's this weeks games:

Jacksonville @ Atlanta

  • Atlanta still has something to play for and is at home against a team that has already fired their coach.
  • Jacksonville walloped TB last week, but it's TB. Atlanta is the better team and will win at home.

Dallas @ TB

  • See my comment above about what happened to TB last week. Dallas should have no problem this week.
  • With that said could Dallas slip against TB even though 1st place is on the line? Yeah they did 2 weeks ago to Arizona.
  • I'm going Dallas

Miami @ Buffalo

  • The 2 bottom dwellers in the East. Who would have thought with the way Buffalo started.
  • Buffalo on a 6 game slide and I think Miami adds to that and wins on the road.

Seattle @ Chicago

  • Chicago is hurting without their starting QB running things
  • Seattle, like I said last week I like what I'm seeing from them lately.
  • Seattle unleashes their beast Marshawn Lynch and he leads the Seahawks to a "W" in a city I'd love to go back and visit.

Tennessee @ Indy

  • Zzzzzzz... Oh sorry just the mention of this game put's me to sleep.
  • Indy continues their "Suck for Luck" quest and loses this game as well. I mean come on you still have the Rams and Vikings in the running with 2 wins.


  • Alright now that I have your attention GB wins easy. I had to throw something almost as humorous as this game is going to be. 
NO @ Minnesota

  • NO is preparing for the postseason and Minnesota is preparing for the offseason and next years draft
  • NO wins and shouldn't have any problems
Washington @ NYG

  • Redskins won earlier in the year but that was week 1. I can see them stealing one here only because it's a division game and anything can happen with division games.
  • NY is playing for a playoff spot and 1st in the NFC East they win at home.

Cincy @ StL

  • Bengals have slipped these past 2 weeks much to my liking. I think they get back in the win column against the Rams. I wouldn't be upset though if they fell again.

Detroit @ Oakland

  • Lions going out to the West Coast to battle the Raiders, and the Raiders slide by with a last minute field goal.

Cleveland @ Arizona

  • Browns banged up after their game with the despised Steeler's.
  • Arizona winning as of late and win this one at home.

NE @ Denver

  • NE has looked weak barely winning against the Skins, and letting up and letting Indy back into the game.
  • Denver has Tebow. I doubted him early in the season but he's played alright as their QB. He's protected the ball and is starting to throw more. Not the best in the game but coming along, and still has a long way to go.
  • Maybe I'm hoping this happens too much but Denver wins in OT

NYJ @ Philly

  • Next to the Steelers there's not any team I despise more than Philthy and the Jets.
  • Philly wins and ruins Jets fans Christmas as their playoff hopes fade.

Baltimore @ SD

  • If this was earlier in the season I would have been worried with the travel but they are focused now and have stuck to an offensive game plan that fits us best.
  • Ray Lewis will be back this week and even missing our shut down corner this season in Webb we should be fine defensively
  • SD has Gaither in at LT and I don't see him stopping "Sizzle" coming off the end. He has the talent to play LT and shows signs of being good but lacks the focus and dedication.
  • If we can get to Rivers he will cough it up and has proven that all season.
  • Ravens win and I'm going out on a limb and say they win big this week. Hopefully I didn't just jinx us.

Pittsburgh @ SF

  • Oh I can't tell you how much I want the 49ers to stick it to the despised Steelers.
  • Steelers dealing with a handful of injuries Carter and Polamalu have hamstring strains, Ben and Pouncey both have high ankle sprains, and Ziggy Hood has a groin strain. We'll see who plays and I'll continue to listen to 93.7 The Fan Pitt to get my updates.
  • Woodley may be back for Pitt but Harrison is out so 49er players are safe from cheap shots from the Steeler defense. Hines Ward will be playing so he'll get some cheap shots in against the 49ers D players.
  • Steelers haven't been as stout against the run as they have been in the past. I think Gore may find some success.
  • 49ERS WIN!!!!!  I hope!

Week 14 Pick Results

That's what I'm talking about! Good week all around.  The Ravens trounce the team from Indy and I went 13-3 in my picks.  That brings my season total to 114-62 64.7%

Pitt over Cleveland     CORRECT
Baltimore over Indy     CORRECT
Atlanta over Carolina     CORRECT
Cincy over Houston     WRONG
Detroit over Minnesota     CORRECT
Jacksonville over TB     CORRECT
Miami over Philly     WRONG
NO over Tennessee     CORRECT
NE over Washington     CORRECT
SF over Arizona     WRONG
Denver over Chicago     CORRECT
GB over Oakland     CORRECT
SD over Buffalo     CORRECT
NYG over Dallas     CORRECT
Seattle over StL     CORRECT

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 14 NFL Picks

Well last week was horrible and you can see the damage here.  So far this season I'm at 101-59 63.12%.

Let's hope this week is better. I haven't had much time this week so I'm going to give a quick glimpse at my picks.

Pitt over Cleveland     I hope it goes the other way though.

Baltimore over Indy     Time to do some damage to that horse shoe.

Atlanta over Carolina     Had a hard time with this as I think the Panthers may pull it off at home.

Cincy over Houston     Think Cincy can cause some turnovers and win a close game at home.

Detroit over Minnesota     Detroit will stop their skid in a close win over the Vikings

Jacksonville over TB     2 teams at the bottom of the pile and after the Jags win both will be 4-9

Miami over Philly     Vick should be back but going with the Dolphins at home who have looked good as of late

NYJ over KC     Jets at home with the playoffs on the line win this one.

NO over Tennessee     NO is the better team hands down

NE over Washington     Would love to see the Skins win this one but they let me down last week

SF over Arizona     SF keeps on rolling

Denver over Chicago     How can you not go with the red hot Broncos. Tebows throwing better and the team is rallying behind him.

GB over Oakland     Man I wish Oakland was completely healthy for this one. If so they may have been the ones to stop the streak of perfection.

SD over Buffalo     After the way the season started man this season has been a let down for the Bills.

NYG over Dallas     NY gets even in the standings with the Cowboys this week.

Seattle over StL    I have to admit I'm liking what little glimpses I see from the Seahawks offense as of late.

Week 13 NFL Pick Results

This past week stunk in terms of my NFL picks. I didn't really mind because the Ravens won and that's all that matters. Last week I went 9-7 and my season standings slid to 101-59 63.12%.

Here's the damage:

Philly over Seattle     WRONG
Buffalo over Tennessee     WRONG
Chicago over KC     WRONG
Atlanta over Houston     WRONG
Miami over Oakland     CORRECT
Denver over Minnesota     CORRECT
NE over Indy     CORRECT
Cincy over Pitt     WRONG
Carolina over TB     CORRECT
Washington over NYJ     WRONG
Baltimore over Cleveland     CORRECT
Dallas over Arizona     WRONG
SF over StL     CORRECT
NO over Detroit     CORRECT
SD over Jacksonville     CORRECT

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 13 NFL Picks

Alright Week 13 is here. Man this season is going fast. In case you missed last weeks picks you can find out how I did by going here.

Philly @ Seattle
  • In a short week Philly has to travel cross country and I just don't like what pressure and lack of prep that gives a Philly team that is going to be missing their starting QB Vick and Starting WR Macklin.
  • On top of those injuries your starting RB McCoy is banged up and Questionable as is your CB Asomugha.
  • Eagles still have a decent QB in Young and plenty of talent
  • Seattle just lost on of their WR threats in Rice.
  • Eagles are still more talented and will win
Tennessee @ Buffalo
  • Buffalo is getting healthy and comes back home after a 3 game road trip which ended with them almost taking down the Jets
  • Titans are looking good and CJ2K is running better racking up 190 rushing yds last week
  • Buffalo if they can stop CJ2K may take this one at home
KC @ Chicago
  • Both teams playing backup QB's and KC may be going with a QB that was once a Bear
  • Hanie for the Bears looks like the better backup over either of the Cheifs backups.
  • Chicago at home and needing this game more in order to keep them with Detroit should win this game
Atlanta @ Houston
  • If Houston was healthy and coming into this game at home against the Falcons I would pick them hands down.
  • Fact is they aren't healthy and going against the Falcons with a third string QB
  • Falcons go to Houston and wins
Oakland @ Miami
  • Oakland is on a 3 game win streak in which they beat the Chargers, Vikings and Bears
  • Miami before they lost a close one on Turkey day to the Cowboys were on a 3 game win streak and before that almost beat the Giants in NY.
  • Going with Miami who looks pretty decent right now with a young QB Matt Moore.
Denver @ Minnesota
  • Yes Tebow is getting it done with his legs but he is also throwing for more yards each week and the most important thing is he isn't turning the ball over with INT's. The counter argument however is that if you're averaging 8 passes a game you better not throw picks.
  • Minnesota is giving up yards in the air but can Tebow pick them apart? I think the Vikings may be able to contain them on the ground.
  • Denver's D has kept them in the game and will do the same this week. Denver wins.
Indy @ NE
  • Patriots
Cincy @ Pitt
  • You know who I want to win, but can Cincy go into Pitt and win?
  • I think Pitt will pull out a close win but I'm going to pick Cincy with an upset
Carolina @ TB
  • Carolina goes into Tamp and steals one from the Bucs
NYJ @ Washington
  • OK ready for this craziness.
  • Washington shuts down the Jet's and causes the Jets to panic even more.
  • Why not? This season has been crazy
Baltimore @ The Mistake By The Lake (Cleveland)
  • Ed reed has more INT's (10), INT return yd (356), INT-TDs (3) and Pass Deflections (18) against the Browns than any other team in NFL
  • This game makes me nervous only because we're playing a team with a losing record on the road which this season equaled a loss for us.
  • I think however we have corrected our offesive problems and we get out of Cleveland with a win
Dallas @ Arizona
  • Dallas going for 5 game win streak and should get it this week even if Kolb can play.
  • I was hoping the Giants could pull the upset this week, but you have to go with the undefeated team until they slip.
StL @ SF

  • StL going into SF is going to have their hands full. SF is a good team and will win easily
Detroit @ NO

  • Detroit is slipping and the mess with Suh isn't going to help.
  • I read a weird story that the Saints have lost all 11 of their coin flips this year and that's all they will lose this week. Saints win.
SD @ Jacksonville

  • That leaves us with SD and Jacksonville. Man Monday night games this season have been boring. It doesn't get any better this week as a 4-7 Chargers play the 3-8 Jags
  • Jags fired their head coach and sold the team all in one day and the next day fired WR coach and shuffled others around.
  • SD hasn't been good this year and their coaching staff may suffer the same fate as the Jags.
  • SD wins this snoozer.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 12 NFL Pick Results

Not too bad this week ending with a 11-5 record. Bringing my season record to 92-52 63.88%

Here's were I went wrong and right this past week.

GB over Detroit     CORRECT
Miami over Dallas     WRONG  Should have gone for the 2pt conv in the 3rd qtr
Baltimore over SF     CORRECT
NYJ over Buffalo     CORRECT
Cincy over Cleveland     CORRECT
Atlanta over Minn     CORRECT
Houston over Jacksonville     CORRECT
StL over Arizona     WRONG
Tampa over Tenn     WRONG
Carolina over Indy     CORRECT
Seattle over Washington      WRONG
Oakland over Chicago     CORRECT
Philly over NE     WRONG
Denver over SD     CORRECT
Pitt over KC     CORRECT

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 12 NFL Picks

Alright so here we go.  If you want to see what happened with my picks last week click here.  Week 12 is here and Turkey Day is filled with some GREAT football.  3 great matchups to sit back and enjoy.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

GB @ Detroit
  • Packers "O" is dangerous.  Rodgers is arguably the best in the NFL today.
  • Detroit has been pretty good at home, but after last week even though they won can they hang with GB?
  • Packers are bound to lose a game this season but is this the week? They played a close game last week, and on the road this season they have played close games.
  • I know it's going to be loud and Detroit typically plays tough on Turkey Day but how do you pick against an undefeated team. Have to pick em GB to win even though I'm leaning more toward Detroit with an upset. I think Rodgers should take advantage of an iffy defensive backfield of the Lions.
Miami @ Dallas
  • Both teams on a 3 game win streak
  • Before this 3 game streak Miami lost a close game in NY against the Giants.
  • Dallas just won a close game in OT against a backsliding Redskins team who doesn't know who to start at QB. Should we go with backup A or backup B? They should have lost this game and if Washington had a decent QB and Kicker they would have.
  • Miami QB Moore has played great these past 3 games
  • Picking Miami to go into Dallas and win a close game
SF @ Baltimore
  • The thing that scares me about this game is what Offensive game plan is Cam going to go with? Are we going to throw it every down, or are we going to stick with what works and play a balanced game? I think Harbs puts his foot down and has Cam stick to what they did last week.
  • Comparing the 2 defenses. I like what SF has on defense. They have a really good defensive front including LB's. So I will give a push there, but I think Baltimore has a better defensive backfield.
  • SF 30th in league in 3rd down conversion which doesn't bode well for them.
  • Short week for both teams but SF has to come across country. I know they have traveled 4 times to the East Coast and won all 4, BUT not on a short week.
  • Going with the more veteran team in the Ravens.
Buffalo @ NYJ
  • This is tough because Buffalo was playing great football, but the past 2 weeks were blown apart. They were outscored 79-15 in two games.
  • Jets haven't been that impressive themselves and lost to a Tebow led Broncos offense.
  • Don't like Sanchez but he gets it done this game
Cleveland @ Cincy
  • Cleveland is improving since years past but not up to the level of Cincy who is having a great season with young players
  • Cleveland lost week 1 at home to Cincy and will lose this one on the road in Cincy
Minn @ Atlanta
  • Atlanta is going to be too much for the Vikings
  • Vikings can run the ball but only averaging 180 in the air. Falcons have been good at run defense if they contain Peterson this game should be an easy one.
Houston @ Jacksonville
  • Went back and forth with this game. Any other time earlier in the season I would have flat out picked the Texans because they are way better than the Jags. However Houston is now missing their starting QB in Schaub.
  • I don't trust Leinart because he's had his chance to shine out in the Arizona heat and flopped miserably. I do think the talent around him is enough, and their running game will allow him to do the bare minimum to win this game.
Arizona @ StL
  • Neither of these teams impress me at all. Kolb hasn't worked out this year for Arizona and it looks like they are going with Skelton again at QB.
  • Going to give the nod to StL at home
Tampa @ Tennessee

  • Tampa going into Tenn in my opinion should win this one.
  • Blount is back and looks good in the back field for TB
  • "Fat Albert" Haynesworth says he's playing and if anything gives TB size on the D line. Alright that's probably all he will give them.
  • Tenn Qb situation still in the air but looks like Hasselbeck may be back this week.

Carolina @ Indy

  • Let's see Carolinas Offense is better, Carolina's Defense is playing better than Indy. Heck Carolina is playing better than Indy.
  • Indy will be yet another game closer in the "Suck for Luck Sweepstakes" this week.  It's as if they aren't even planning for any games this season and drawing up plans for next year with Andrew Luck.

Washington @ Seattle

  • I like what Seattle has with Lynch running the ball. He's like the Seahawks version of Ray Rice. Very potent weapon.
  • Defense wise I think they are comparable to each other. Seahawks have a slightly better run defense than the Skins.
  • I think Seattle adds to the Skins woes and hands them a loss and long flight back to DC
Chicago @ Oakland

  • Man, where to go with this game? Go back to what I said about Houston in regards to their Qb situation.  The same may apply here.  Chicago is out their starting QB for the season and I don't have faith in the backup, at least this week.
  • Oakland is looking good this season and even though they are missing their biggest Offensive weapon in RB McFadden, Bush has filled in big time.
  • Every week Carson is getting more comfortable and I think with Bush running the ball and Carson tossing it around to their WR corp Oakland should take this one at home.

NE @ Philly
  • Well I can tell you who I want to win, and that's Philly. Any time an NFC team plays an AFC that's not the Ravens I'm going NFC all the way.
  • Can Philly pull off this feat? Yeah I think so.  Philly is tied at 11th in the league against the pass with the Bengals.  While the Patriots are worst the the LEAGUE against the pass. That's right 32nd.
  • IF Philly can keep the ball out of Brady's hand's they can do it. NE doesn't have a powerful running game at all and for a majority of the first half last week a Tyler Palko led Chiefs led 3-0 up until 3:18 left in the half.
  • I think McCoy can move the ball against NE and with another week under his belt Vince Young may be able to pass on them.
  • Can you tell I'm trying to talk myself into this upset? Well I'm doing it.  Eagles win!!
Denver @ SD

  • Let me start by saying I don't dislike Tebow as a person. I actually admire his faith and his mission work. Now as a QB I don't think he is ready to be a starting QB. Yes he makes plays with his feet but he's way too inaccurate in his passing. Now I've tempted him to prove me wrong and picked against him for the past 2 to 3 weeks and he's crushed my picks.
  • Inaccurate Tebow or WTH is going on Rivers? Who's going to be the QB to lead his team to a W this week?
  • Denver is averaging more yards on the ground and that's thanks to a running Tebow.
  • SD is more efficient on 3rd down conversion to the tune of 48.9%
  • Why not Tebow and the Broncos win this sloppy game. What am I thinking?

Pitt @ KC

  • I mean come on Steelers coming off the bye against the Chiefs.  I don't care if this game was played in Abu Dhabi the Steelers win.  Even if Ben wasn't playing and Dixon filled in, which he isn't just threw that in there since Ben has a fractured thumb.


  • Saints coming off the Bye and have Sproles back
  • In the dome I'm giving the nod to the Saints and the gunslinger Brees

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ravens vs Bengals After Thoughts

I am very pleased with how this game turned out and for many reason's and not just the simple fact we walked away with a "W". First of all I am very happy with the play of our LB corp with the absence of Ray. Also with the "W" as a whole up until the 4th qtr. I have to admit I am a huge Lardarius Webb fan at corner. He has been playing great defense and has become a pretty decent corner after making the switch from safety.
I was nervous going into this game because I didn't know what kind of Offensive game plan to expect from Cam.  Would we see the game plan we executed against the Steelers and Houston where we were balanced and got Rice involved running the ball? Are we going to see Flacco throw the ball 60 times like in our 3 loses?  I was pleased to see the more balanced game plan. I hope we stick to this game plan. Hopefully Cam noticed we CAN throw down field and are very effective throwing deep off the I formation play action. Not only effective but the play action had Boldin wide open over the middle and kept pressure off Joe. Torrey Smith showed off his ridiculous speed and racked up 165yds. I'm really excited to see what he develops into. I was also excited to see Lee Evans get back on the field and even though he was only targeted once he was a threat they had to take seriously.
I am concerned however with our defense and their inability to end drives and get off the field in the 4th qtr. They had this problem last week against Seattle and Cincy almost tied this game late. Well at least was given a real shot but we were able to stall a late drive and get pressure on the rookie QB. Speaking of which Dalton is looking good in his rookie season.
All in all a big win against a tough division opponent and puts us back where we belong over the much despised Steelers.

Week 11 NFL Pick Results

Looking to improve after going 7-9 this week I go 9-5 improving my season standing up to 81-47 63.28%

This season has been crazy.  The Ravens as well as others have been losing games that on paper you think they should win.  Now the fun begins!!  Bye weeks are over and every week we have a full slate of games.

Jets over Broncos     WRONG
Raiders over Vikings     CORRECT
Ravens over Bengals     CORRECT
Lions over Panthers     CORRECT
Packers over Bucs     CORRECT
Cowboys over Redskins     CORRECT
Jags over Browns     WRONG
Falcons over Titans     CORRECT
Bills over Dolphins     WRONG
49ers over Cardinals     CORRECT
Rams over Seahawks     WRONG
Bears over Chargers     CORRECT
Giants over Eagles     WRONG
Patriots over Cheifs     CORRECT

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 11 NFL Picks

Alright so last week I roughed out a 7-9 record and sit at 72-42 on the season so far.  Time to boost my season record.
So I'm slammed for time this week so I'm just going to put my picks out there without any breakdown.  Too busy working on the house and painting before the Holidays hit.

Let's get to it.

Jets over Broncos
Raiders over Vikings
Ravens over Bengals
Lions over Panthers
Packers over Bucs
Cowboys over Redskins
Jags over Browns
Falcons over Titans
Bills over Dolphins
49ers over Cardinals
Rams over Seahawks
Bears over Chargers
Giants over Eagles
Patriots over Cheifs

There you have it.  Alright my break is over back to painting.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 10 Pick Results

Alright this season is crazy, and this weeks picks were brutal.  This week I went 7-9 bringing down my season record to 72-42 63.15%

Nothing else to say.  Just look at what was my worst week.  This won't happen again.  Then again I thought the same about the Ravens losing to a team they should beat.

SD over Oakland     WRONG    Now you choose to show up Carson
NO over Atlanta     CORRECT
Carolina over Tennessee     WRONG
Pitt over Cincy     CORRECT
Cleveland over StL     WRONG
Buffalo over Dallas     WRONG
Jacksonville over Indy     CORRECT
KC over Denver     WRONG     Shame on you KC for losing to a team who's QB completes 2 passes
Miami over Washington     CORRECT
Philly over Arizona     WRONG
Houston over TB     CORRECT
Baltimore over Seattle     WRONG   What is wrong with you!!! You're better than that!
Chicago over Detroit      CORRECT
NYG over SF     WRONG
NYJ over NE     WRONG
GB over Minnesota     CORRECT

Friday, November 11, 2011

Need a different perspective?

So I've meant to share this sooner but never got around to it.  I wanted to share another blog that comes from the perspective of a couple Steelers fans.

Check them out here:

I came across their blog because I was looking for a different perspective to things going on in the division and they do a great job over there.  So go check it out.

Keller and Weidman I'm giving you guys some props but still have to throw a little dig towards your team.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 10 NFL Picks...Just in Time

I usually like to wait until Thursday to put in my picks that gives me time to look over injuries and such.  I completely forgot this week marked the week they started Thursday night games.

My picks were roughed up last week but I'll stand behind the disaster that was an 8-6 record bringing my picks to a 65-33 season record and sitting at 66.32% correct.

Let's do it...

Oakland @ SD

  • For Oakland your starting RB who carried your team is still out and so is the QB you started the season with, but now you have Carson Palmer who has thrown 6 picks in six quarters
  • Good news for Oakland SD QB Rivers leads the lead in turnovers
  • SD is putting up better offensive numbers than Oakland and Defensive numbers are better.
  • Giving this one to SD at home

NO @ Atlanta

  • Brees has 3004 passing yds already this season and should be able to pass on the Falcons as long as he has time.
  • 2 dome teams means we could see a nice air show and points put on the board
  • Giving NO the nod in this division showdown.
Tenn @ Carolina

  • Carolina's more explosive with Cam Newton chucking it down field to Steve Smith
  • Also see Cam using his legs to move the ball on a Tenn defense that it's playing so hot
  • Carolina 23-17
Pitt @ Cincy

  • Well...BLAH!  2 division teams that I can't stand yet I have to pick one?
  • Alright Pitt has the defense, albeit a defense that's a little beat up. Players are stepping up and filling those holes though
  • I don't know if Cincy has played a team yet like a Steeler team.  They played a decent defense in the 49ers and scored only 8 points, and a Buffalo team they beat 23-20 but are they comparable? I don't think so.
  • I think Pitt will confuse the rookie QB this match-up and Ben will put up some points.
  • Hate to make the call but I'm picking the Raven pecked Steelers
Alright running short on time due to my forgetting the Thursday game so here's the rest of my picks

StL @ Cleveland

  • Not even going to break it down 'cause who cares? Cleveland should win
Buffalo @ Dallas

  • Going to give the slight edge to Buffalo and their running game
Jacksonville @ Indy
  • Indy wants to get Andrew Luck and it's apparent.  Jacksonville wins
Denver @ KC
  • Tebow burnt me last week after I said he was the reason they would lose, well let's see you prove me wrong again Timmy.  KC wins
Washington @ Miami
  • Man I love to see the Redskins lose, and they have been fueling that love with a 3-5 record. Miami wins with Matt Moore showing up the ex-Dolphin Beck
Arizona @ Philly
  • Philly wins, that all
Houston @ TB
  • Arian Foster and Ben Tate running like crazy and Houston takes this game
Baltimore @ Seattle
  • We've had our slip-ups coming out of big wins and losing to teams we should beat on the road. NOT this week. Seahawks get plucked.
Detroit @ Chicago
  • Chicago taking the series split and beating Detroit
  • Like what SF is doing but going with Eli's arm in this one
  • Can't stand either one but what the heck NYJ splitting this series too. NY
Minn @ GB
  • Green Bay

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Orioles Offseason This & That

There's been a lot of buzz this off-season surrounding the Orioles and surprising (can you feel the sarcasm) most of this buzz isn't painting the organization in a positive light.

Let's start with the first piece of bad press they received, it came with the celebration and unveiling of the Brooks Robinson statue.

Let me just say congratulations to a great man and Orioles legend!  

With that said now let me say, SHAME on you Orioles!  When you think Orioles you think Brooks, Cal, Palmer, and you had NOTHING to do with this at all?  Not only did you not contribute any funds to it, nobody from your organization showed up to celebrate the unveiling?  It's not like you had to go far it's right across the street from your stadium and warehouse.  Which brings up my other complaint.  How is this not on the property of the stadium?  I understand Babe Ruth is from Baltimore but the man was only in the Orioles organization for 5 months in 1914, and we sold him.  He is most known for being a Yankee.  So instead of celebrating on of your own like a Cal, Brooks, or Palmer you have a statue in honor of a YANKEE.  Whatever as long as Angelos is the owner of this team things like this will continue.

Let me take a breathe and calm down a bit and talk about the next piece of news with the Orioles and that's the departure of President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail.  It doesn't matter what title you give let's just say GM because that's what he was.  Some criticize his player moves or lack there of some would say.  I for one think that Andy did what he could player wise, and the moves he made were good ones when they were made.  I emphasize player moves because I feel more should have been done with the organization as a whole.  You can bring in good and upcoming talent as he did, but it does you no good if you're not developing that talent and that's where MacPhail failed I believe.  Then you have international scouting and this was MacPhail's response, "We're still not head over heels in international scouting."   Really?  How has that worked out for your minor league system?  So I wouldn't say that MacPhail was a complete failure but had some areas he should have done better in.  Although the areas he dropped the ball in may hurt us in the long run in trying to be competitive sooner rather than later.

With the departure of MacPhail the way the Orioles were talked about in the media on this candidate and that candidate declining to be interviewed and you had Tony Lacava who turned down the job to stay as the Assistant GM in Toronto.  I think this was the biggest blow to the Orioles because you had a guy who was rumored to be your leading candidate turn down your offer to be your GM to stay as an Assistant GM.  So the Orioles go out and hire Dan Duquette as their new executive vice president.  Again doesn't matter what the title is he will be the GM, fall guy, scapegoat, whatever.  I'm not sold that anyone can come in and do anything under the Angelos ownership.  In his one on one interview with Steve Melewski his answer to one of the questions, answered may biggest question.  When asked if he has the assurance that he can make any moves whether it's signing players or hiring and firing staff his response was " I have the assurance that I'm going to be here to build a competitive and winning team."  Hmm, am I reading too much into this statement?  Don't get me wrong I hope he comes in here and turns things around, but until I see moves made and changes put in place I'll stand by my thinking that until Angelos goes we'll remain the same.
I'll stop my complaining now, but I feel we have a right to be a bit upset and pessimistic.  14 years of losing records has given us that right.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 9 Prediction Results...BLAH

Well last week's picks were just brutal, and not only my picks but all but one of my fantasy teams lost.  However that aside my beloved Ravens pulled off the season sweep of the highly hated Steelers, and sent their fans crying in their stupid terrible towels.  So I could care less what my fantasy teams or picks did last week, that just topped it all.

Last week I went 8-6 and brings my season standings to 65-33 66.32%.

Here's my disaster of a week:

Buffalo over NYJ     WRONG
Dallas over Seattle     CORRECT
Houston over Cleveland     CORRECT
Atlanta over Indy     CORRECT
KC over Miami     WRONG
TB over NO     WRONG
SF over Washington     CORRECT
Oakland over Denver     WRONG
Cincy over Tennessee     CORRECT
StL over Arizona     WRONG
NE over NYG     WRONG
GB over SD     CORRECT
Baltimore over Pitt     CORRECT
Chicago over Philly     CORRECT

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ravens / Steelers Week

I'm not going to go into the preview or pre-game analysis of this game because the two teams know each other so well, and are practically mirror images it's going to be a great, hard fought, hard hitting, take no prisoners kind of game.  I'm just taking in all that is Ravens / Steeler week with all the trash talking that goes along with it.  Can't wait!  You fellow Ravens Fans have a GREAT Purple Firday!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 9 NFL Picks

9-4 last week and 57-27 on the season.  My picks are straight up win or lose and not against the spread.

Let's get to it...

NYJ @ Buffalo

  • Jets coming off the bye and haven't won a game following the bye since Rex has taken over as coach
  • Not buying into the good game the Jets O had last game.  This offense is not good.
  • Bills with the better offense and good defense should win this game

Seattle @ Dallas

  • Cowboys coming off a tough loss will get back on track this week against a Seattle team with the 31st ranked offense

Cleveland @ Houston

  • Cleveland is Cleveland although the future is looking better for them, but Houston is the better team all around.

Atlanta @  Indy

  • Altanta has lost 3 straight to the Colts and are a franchise 1-13 dating back to when they were in Baltimore. Although this isn't the same Colts team

Miami @ KC

  • KC isn't the same team that was playing in the beginning of the season, and playing well as of late.
  • Home game for KC and it get's loud at home. Edge goes to KC


  • Going with a TB upset over NO this week.

SF @ Washington

  • These 2 teams are going in 2 different directions and SF should have an fairly easy time.

Denver @ Oakland

  • No McFadden this game but Denver is still riding the Tebow wave and I'm not following suit
  • Denver will not win this game because of Tebow.  In 2 starts he has been sacked 13 times thrown for 333yds and only completed 47% of his throws. 

Cincy @ Tennessee

  • Although I hope they lose I'm going with Cincy. They have a decent defense and Andy Dalton is getting it done.
  • Cedric Benson is far out performing Chris Johnson whose only had 1 game where he had over 100 yds and that was against CLE where he went for 101.

StL @ Arizona

  • Arizona looks like they may have to face Stl without Kolb at QB whose battling turf toe. That doesn't help the 1- Cardinals


  • NE at home coming off a tough loss to the Steelers should take this one
  • Bradshaw is out with a foot injury not going to help the Giants run game


  • Rivers is having issues and until someone stops them I'm going with GB

Baltimore @ Pitt

  • I was prepared coming into this week to pick the Steelers, as tough as it would have been. Wouldn't have meant I wouldn't have been pulling for my Ravens.
  • Although Steelers LB's are beat up and that doesn't bode well for stopping Ray Rice.  We kind of got away from running the ball but you best believe we're going to grind it out this week.
  • Looks like Grubbs is going to be back this week which will help solidify our line which has struggled as of late.  Having him back will also get the running game going again as he will get downfield blocks.
  • Ravens defense is playing out of their minds right now. With the attention on Suggs which has not stopped him so far from getting to Ben, watch for Kruger coming from the opposite side of the field.
  • Game is going to be close as it usually is and wouldn't be shocked at a Ravens loss, but with injuries on the other side of the ball I'm giving the nod to my boys.

Chicago @ Philly

  • Philly was unstoppable against the Cowboys
  • Chicago has to get Forte going early and often and slow down the eagles offense that can be explosive.
  • May regret it but going with Chicago coming off a bye

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 8 NFL Pick Results

Alright here's last weeks damages.  Just to let you know my picks are straight up win or lose.  I don't go by Vegas lines or anything.

Last week I was 9-4 bringing my season record to 57-27 67.8% correct.

  • Baltimore over Arizona     CORRECT
  • Minnesota over Carolina     CORRECT
  • Houston over Jacksonville     CORRECT
  • NYG over Miama     CORRECT
  • NO over Stl     WRONG
  • Tennessee over Indy     CORRECT
  • Buffalo over Washington     CORRECT
  • Detroit over Denver     CORRECT
  • NE over Pittsburgh     WRONG
  • Cincy over Seattle     CORRECT
  • SF over Cleveland     CORRECT
  • Dallas over Philly     WRONG
  • SD over KC     WRONG

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ravens / Cards Phew!

Before you continue I have to give you fair warning because I happen to like stats when it comes to sports, so I'm going to throw some numbers your way.  They don't tell the whole story but add a lot I think.

Alright so that game wasn't the prettiest win, but one I will take nonetheless.  Now I'm not going to sugar coat the fact that the Jacksonville game and first half of this game our Offense looked rough, but this is the NFL.  All 32 teams have professional players, and their win loss record doesn't paint a complete picture.  Let's take the Jaguars.  Yes I thought we should have had no problem with them, but after taking a step back you can see somewhat how we could have stumbled.  All I hear is how much better the Steelers are than us yet even they were shut out in the second half of their game against the Jags.  A look at some numbers, Jacksonville is 10th best in pts allowed and 7th best in yards allowed per game.  Anyway enough of Jacksonville, let's look at this Arizona team we just played and the game itself.

Offensively Arizona is averaging 20pts a game and putting up 319 yards a game which has them in the bottom of the league in points and middle of the road in yards.  Defensively they're at the bottom.  Averaging 26pts a game which is good enough for 29th and 391 yds a game which is 27th out of 32 teams.

I'm not going to get up in arms about how close this game was because you take away a sack fumble and a pass that goes off your rookie receivers hands.  Both leading to Arizona having a short field to work with you're talking about a 30-13 game.

Starting out I thought all was going to go good this game.  I mean Ray Rice had 10 carries 41 yards through the 1st qtr and part way through the 2nd, and then Flacco was sacked and fumbled.  That lead to a Ari TD and the next drive we get pass happy have to punt and it's ran back for another Ari TD.  Right now sitting 17-3 we start our next drive off with a pass that goes off the hands of Torrey Smith and intercepted.  Leading to yet another Ari TD.  You talk about getting UGLY QUICK.  You had a 3-3 game in which you were establishing a nice offensive rhythm and then all heck breaks loose.  We get the ball back and drive down field to get a Cundiff FG to make it 24-6.

Second half I was very happy with.  The Offense came out and got in rhythm thanks to a very determined Boldin.  When all was said and done Flacco ended with 336yds and a INT, Boldin had 145 receiving, and Rice had 99 total yards and 3 TD's.  The one thing that gives me a lot of hope for the future of this offense and the upcoming games is seeing how Flacco, Boldin, Rice, and T. Smith reacted in the second half.  There was a fire, a passion, leadership, and communication that seemed to be lacking so far this season.  Guys were talking and discussing the previous drive, there was a hurry up offense that has been in slow motion.

Ugly win this week, but a big one and one that may give this offense the spark they needed.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 8 NFL Picks

Alright going a different route this week.  You will find my picks in bold below.

Last week I was 8-5 and 48-23 67.6% correct on the season since starting back in week 4.

Arizona @ Baltimore 
  • Arizona is averaging under 100 rush yds a game and the Ravens "D" is allowing under 100 yds per game.
  • Ravens "O" bounces back this game after being embarrassed and faces an Arizona team in the bottom of the NFL in Defense
  • Ravens have dominated at home outscoring our opponents 98-38

Minnesota @ Carolina

  • Close matchup but I think I'm going with Minnesota
  • Ponder is improving and threw for 219 and 2 TD's against GB, but did throw 2 picks
  • Peterson ran for 175 against GB and is facing a team allowing 133 a game on the ground
  • Newton may crush my pick but I'll take the chance

Jacksonville @ Houston

  • Jacksonville "D" isn't all that bad. Can stop the run, and have decent corners
  • Jacksonville "O" still looks bad.  MJD is a nice RB but you still have a rookie QB going up against another good "D"
  • Slight edge this week for Houston

Miami @ NYG

  • Not much to say about this match-up other than NY should be up early and score often
  • If anything could point to the direction this Miami team is going, coach Sparano's home is on the market.

NO @ StL

  • See above.  With a banged up Bradford and a N.O. defense that can pressure the QB I don't expect StL to get much going offensively.
  • This is a N.O. "O" that just put up 62 points last week and I don't think they will put up those kind of points again, but it's not going to be a close game

Indy @ Tenn

  • Indy isn't going to win this game either.  They are one of the front runner's in this "Andrew Luck Sweepstakes"
  • Tennessee is just a better team than Indy is at this point.

Washington @ Buffalo

  • I'm giving the edge to Buffalo this week as they are coming off their bye week.
  • Buffalo has a better offense and defense right now as Washington is pretty banged up.

Detroit @ Denver
  • Tebow uses his legs to make things happen, well this week he will use them more to run for his life.
  • I thought Detroits "D" line would be too much for SF but they definitely will be too much for Denver

NE @ Pitt

  • Brady is 6-1 against the Steelers lifetime
  • Patriots coming off bye
  • NE offense should put up enough points to win this one

Cincy @ Seattle
  • Usually don't like east coast team travelling west but Cincy is coming off a bye
  • Cincy looks better on both sides of the ball
  • Thinking more along the lines of a 21-17 win for Cincy
Cleveland @ SF
  • As with what I said above about east coast/ west coast I don't like Cleveland this game
  • SF is the better of the two and will add to their lead in the West to go to a 4 game lead
Dallas @ Philly
  • A lot of people going Philly this week but with this being a Div rivalry it could go either way I think
  • Picking Dallas for the simple fact they have the better run defense and need the win to tie them for first in the division
  • Division game yes but KC was so bad to start the season I can't bring myself to think they will win this game even with them playing better.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Now that was ugly!

Alright so I haven't gone into too much depth in my thoughts on the games so far, but you got to start somewhere.  So let's start with this embarrassment that occurred on MNF.

I'll go ahead and start with the only positive of the night and that was the play of the Defense.  They played the way they should have against the leagues worst Offense who is only averaging 252.4 yards a game.  Thankful to get out of that terrible game without any injuries other than some stingers suffered by Reed and Cody.

Now for the rest of the team, AWFUL!  Alright so the Jags going into the game I think had the 8th best defense in the league but I was still thinking we would have got something going at least in the run game.  What I wasn't expecting was 8 carries for 28yds for Rice.  Was this really the game plan for our Offense this game to only have our backs carry the ball 12 times?  What did it get you 34yds.  Our line couldn't hold any kind of rush, our receivers couldn't get any seperation and we didn't help any of that by running the ball 12 TIMES!  There's been a lot of talk on Bmore sports talk radio about Flacco and how this is on him, and he's not the guy to get it done.  Which is the reason I don't listen as often anymore because it's all everyone harps on.  All this guy has done is improve year after year since he was thrown in his rookie season.  I'm not going to throw it all on Cam either, although you go out and sign Vonta Leach and you hand the rock off 12 times. I know I keep bringing that up but come on Cam.  In fact after Rice fumbled with 8:59 to go in the first quarter he didn't get another carry until 1:59 left to go in the first half.  We saw this last season in the playoffs when Rice fumbled against the Steelers.  He was on the bench and didn't get a carry until later in the game.  This guy has 4 fumbles in 765 carries.  I don't think you need to have him sit once he puts the ball on the ground.  He's pretty reliable when it comes to holding onto the ball.

Hopefully we can get Grubbs and Lee Evans back soon.  I think if we can get Grubbs back in the middle of that O line we can get better pass protection.  I'm curious to see Evans back on the outside.  You put him opposite T. Smith giving us speed on both sidelines and Boldin running in the slot along with Dickson/Pitta and Rice and now Flacco has serious options.

Anyway I'm not too worried about this game.  This team is too talented and better than what they showed in the spotlight of the world on Monday night.  I was worried about them going in too confident like in Tennessee and was in a way prepared for it.  Although I seriously didn't see us losing this game.  I thought we'd come out sluggish, but as the saying goes any given Sunday or Thursday or Monday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NFL Week 7 Pick Results...Glad this week is over!!

Ugly, ugly week.  The positive is that I went 8-5 and that gave me more wins this week than points scored by my Ravens.  That put's me at 48-23 67.6% right so far this season.  Quick run down.  I thought Washington was better than that, seriously SD, should have picked Chicago, darn you Boller you're not even with the Ravens anymore and still ruining football for me, and like the Ravens offense I have nothing for ya.

Washington over Carolina     WRONG
Cleveland over Seattle          CORRECT
Atlanta over Detroit               CORRECT
Denver over Miami                CORRECT
SD over NYJ                         WRONG
TB over Chicago                   WRONG
Houston over Tennessee     CORRECT
Pitt over Arizona                   CORRECT
Oakland over KC                  WRONG
Dallas over St Louis             CORRECT
GB over Minnesota               CORRECT
New Orleans over Indy         CORRECT
Baltimore over Jacksonville  WRONG

Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Time

So last weekend we had our annual family picnic/reunion.  One thing I think we all say when the day is over is that we should do it more often.  Maybe even instead of the fall we do it both in the spring and fall.  It was a good day though, the weather was perfect and it was so nice to be around family you don't get to see a lot of throughout the year.  We started this a couple years ago when my grandparents passed and that would be my only regret with the family gathering is that we started this way too late.  Those we are missing today would have loved this day.  It's also so nice too see all the younger cousins out running around and playing together.  On Sunday we had my Grandmother over with some of the great grandchildren and had another cookout.  All in all it was a great weekend of family time!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 7 NFL Picks

Why waste any time let's get right down to it. Last week I was 9-4 and 40-18 on the season.

Washington over Carolina
Cleveland over Seattle
Atlanta over Detroit
Denver over Miami
SD over NYJ
TB over Chicago
Houston over Tennessee
Pitt over Arizona
Oakland over KC
Dallas over St Louis
GB over Minnesota
New Orleans over Indy
Baltimore over Jacksonville

Taking a lot of away teams this week.  We'll see how that pans out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 6 Prediction Results

Luckily I was able to get the last two games this week to fall my way and push me to 9-4 for the week.  Which is a slight improvement from my 8-5 record last week.  My record for the season now sits at 40-18.

Atlanta over Carolina              CORRECT
Cincy over Indy                      CORRECT
Detroit over SF                      WRONG
GB over StL                          CORRECT
Buffalo over NYG                  WRONG
Pittsburgh over Jacksonville    CORRECT
Washington over Philly           WRONG
Baltimore over Houston          CORRECT
Oakland over Cleveland         CORRECT
NE over Dallas                      CORRECT
NO over Tampa Bay             WRONG
Chicago over Minnesota        CORRECT
NYJ over Miami                    CORRECT

I was going back and forth with the Detroit  / SF game and thought that the Lions D line would be too much for Alex Smith and the 49ers O line.  I was wrong, and really like the job Harbaugh is doing out there in SF.  Can't wait to see the Harbaugh brothers square off Thanksgiving day.  I'm not too worried about the match-up this season.  I think the Ravens can take it but we'll see as the game gets closer.

Glad the Ravens were able to take care of Houston and we can go into these next two weeks against opponents we should easily beat.  Now a days I can't stand to listen to Baltimore sports radio because all everyone talks about is Flacco and criticizes every little thing with him.  Look you can't compare him to Brady, Manning, or even Rodgers!  I as well as many others will place them as elite QB's, but Flacco is a good QB.  Does he make mistakes? Yes, but so do these elite QB's mentioned.  We should be happy we have a good QB that can make plays and get the ball down field.  How long have we gone without a QB?  I don't know about you but I'm ecstatic we have Flacco and not a Stoney Case, Chris Redman, Kyle Boller, Troy Smith to name a few.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 6 NFL Picks

Alright well after going 8-5 last week I'm hoping to do better this week.  As of now I am 31-14 on the season.

Here's my thoughts...

Atlanta over Carolina   (Matt Ryan usually doesn't lose at home 20-3)
Cincy over Indy
Detroit over SF  (Giving the edge to the Lions "D" line)
GB over StL
Buffalo over NYG
Pittsburgh over Jacksonville  (Wouldn't mind being wrong though)
Washington over Philly
Baltimore over Houston
Oakland over Cleveland
NE over Dallas
NO over Tampa Bay
Chicago over Minnesota (Think Minn but they've messed me up each week)
NYJ over Miami

Let the games begin!

Country Roads

So we were to be heading over the mountain to visit family out in Wheeling, WV this past Friday which for us would have been a 3 day weekend.  Well Noah woke up Thursday morning with a rash all over his upper body  so my 3 day weekend turned into a 4 day weekend.  Which I'm not complaining especially since our little guy is alright.  Seems as though it was something he came in contact with and not a virus or anything which is good.  I tell you this because I have a warning for you parents with preschoolers.  The doctor gave us some Benadryl to give him and she told us to give it to him around bed time because it's more than likely going to knock him out.  Well if his side effects were going to be like mine when I take Benadryl he's definitely going to be out.  Guess what, he went to bed about 9ish and was up around midnight.  He ran around the house non stop from midnight until we left the house around 9:30am.  About two and a half hours into our drive he finally fell asleep for maybe an hour and a half.  The he was back up and when we got to Wheeling until he crashed around 8pm he ran around their house.  NEVER AGAIN will he get Benadryl.  So the warning to parents out there, not all kids crash after taking Benadryl so be prepared!

This weekend was awesome!  The weather was perfect, it was great to see family out there we don't get to see too much, and we had a blast!  Saturday morning we went to the former West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville, WV which is one of the most haunted places in the US.  It was pretty cool to see the old building and structure and to see the Grave Creek Mound which is literally right across the street.    the mound is one of the largest conical type burial mounds in the US.  So it was pretty cool to see this history in person.

Saturday we went to Oglebayfest which was nice because the weather was perfect.  We went through the fair and crafts, and took Noah to the Zoo.  His favorite was the Kangaroos and the playgrounds along the way, but he wasn't too fond of the snakes.  Afterwards we continued Noahs playground hopping and went to downtown Wheeling along the Ohio river to a playground along the riverside.  With the weather and the sunset it was awesome down there.

We were sad to leave because we had such a great time.  On the way home I took a different route pretty much because I missed my exit, but instead of taking I68 which goes through Western MD we took I70 which runs through PA.  Let me tell you, I think PA roads are all under construction and by the looks of things when you drive through these construction zones not much construction is being done.  the most annoying part was that you're cruising along the highway and BAM 45mph zone.  That aside it's not a bad route because there aren't any mountains to climb.

Great weekend and we're looking forward to our next trip out there!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 5 Results...YUCK

Ouch 8-5 this week bringing my record so far this season to 31-14.  This week I'm going to bounce back.  Anyway here's last weeks results

Tenn over Pitt                   Wrong   OK so I was wrong...this week
Houston over Oakland     Wrong
KC over Indy                    Correct
Cincy over Jacksonville   Correct
NYG over Seattle             Wrong
Arizona over Minn  (I'm not picking the Vikings again)   Wrong  (Darn you Vikings!!!)
NO over Carolina             Correct
Philly over Buffalo            Wrong   I mean come on you would have picked Philly too
SF over TB                      Correct
NE over NYJ                    Correct
SD over Denver               Correct
GB over Atl                       Correct
Detroit over Chicago        Correct

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 5 NFL Picks

So looking to add to my 23-9 record through 2 weeks here's my picks for this week.

Tenn over Pitt  (Steelers are too beat up and can't stop the run)
Houston over Oakland
KC over Indy (Both teams equally suck. Maybe I should pick a tie)
Cincy over Jacksonville
NYG over Seattle
Arizona over Minn  (I'm not picking the Vikings again)
NO over Carolina
Philly over Buffalo
SF over TB
NE over NYJ
SD over Denver
GB over Atl
Detroit over Chicago

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 4's Results

I wish I would have picked the first 2 weeks of this season but after going 12-4 in week 3, this week I'm down a game.  I went 11-5 in week 4 and so far in 2 weeks I am 23-9.  Even though I'm kicking myself for not taking Detroit and SF I will definitely take it!

Buffalo over Cincy           Wrong
Tenn over Cleveland       Correct
Houston over Pitt             Correct
Dallas over Detroit           Wrong
Philly over SF                  Wrong
Chicago over Carolina     Correct
Washington over StL       Correct
NO over Jacksonville       Correct
Minn over KC                  Wrong
NYG over Arizona            Correct
Seattle over Atlanta         Wrong
GB over Denver               Correct
NE over Oakland             Correct
SD over Miami                 Correct
Baltimore over NYJ          Correct
TB over Indy                    Correct

I was afraid to take Detroit over Dallas because I really thought they were due for a loss, and I was equally afraid to take SF because I thought it would be tough with travel.  I forgot that they stayed in PA last week. Oh well let's see what week 5 brings.