Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 6 NFL Picks

Last week was another down the toilet. If you want to see my disasterous picks go here. Man this season has been a little crazy. Only thing keeping me from breaking down is how the Ravens are positioning themselves in the division. Last week for the black birds was rough. They didn't look good at all on defense, but Charles is going to make a lot of defenses look that way.

Alright let's gets some good picks this week and turn the around.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee
I'll excuse this game if the Titans can pull it off, but Steelers win

Oakland @ Atlanta
The Falcons are flying high. They continue to soar this week.

Cincy @ Cleveland
Division game at home for the Browns, and they are 0-5 this season. They have to snap that losing streak. I'm going with a Cleveland upset.

St Louis @ Miami
I don't like picking dome teams when playing outdoors. Calling for rain this weekend. I'm going Miami.

Indy @ NY Jets
I love seeing the Jets lose, and I think Indy has things figured out and riding high after beating the Packers.

Detroit @ Philthy
Hate to pick 'em but Eagles win.

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay
I don't want to pick KC on the road, but the numbers comparision has me leaning that way.What the heck KC

Dallas @ Baltimore
Baltimore has put up 30 points past 2 meetings. With this new offense I don't see why they can't again. Baltimore wins

Buffalo @ Arizona
I don't know why I always want to lean toward Buffalo in these picks. Not this time. Arizona

New England @ Seattle
Seattle at home against a big competitor. You know what that means. That mean Seattle is going to upset. Can't do it. New England wins

NY Giants @ San Fran
Going with San Fran here

Minnesota @ Washington
Questionable starting QB in Washington has me leaning to the Vikings.

Green Bay @ Houston
What is up with GB? Houston wins

Denver @ San Diego
I think the records will even out this week. Denver wins.

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