Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NFL Week 1 Picks

Man did this NFL season sneak up on me. I can't believe it's starting tonight. Which in it self is weird starting on a Wednesday. Let's get things going.

Dallas @ NY Giants
Cowboys usually kick the season off strong and then fade in the later weeks. Giants got caught up in the trash talking this week but they have the talent to carry that swagger and confidence. Not to mention, no superbowl winner has lost it's season opener since 2004. G-men win this one!
Indy @ Chicago
New era in Indy and Luck is what they are going to need this season. I think the Bears are more experienced and have the talent to knock off Indy.

Philly @ Cleveland
Clevelanders are excited about the new direction their team is heading, but it's still a bit soon. Philly rolls over the Browns easy this week.

StL @ Detroit
We'll see if either of these injury prone QB's will finish the game, but I'm going with the more potent passing attack thet the Lions are going to bring. Lions win at home and Suh get's a flag thrown.

Miami @ Houston
The Dolphins head out to Houston and lose week 1. Houston runs the ball better, throws the ball better, and has the better defense.

Atlanta @ KC
Atlanta last year was 3-5 on the road and the Chiefs were 4-4 at home. That said the Chiefs offense still looks horrible, and the Falcons fly in and take this game by 17.

Jacksonville @ Minnesota
The Londona Jaguars, oh I mean the Jacksonville Jaguars have a new owner and building but it's not a finished product yet. Giving the edge to the home team in the dome. Minnesota wins 17-9

Washington @ NO
Even with all that is going on in New Orleans I still think Drew Brees is going to be too much for the Redskins. NO wins.

Buffalo @ NY Jets
I went back and forth with this one. I'm going with my gut and saying Bills take this game. I always lean the Bills way in this matchup and maybe it's a little part of me hoping they do win it. I don't know but whatever the reasoning I'm going with the Bills and that's that.

New England @ Tennessee
New England has owned this matchup and it's not going to be any different this time. NE wins unfortunately.

Seattle @ Arizona
Not liking anyone playing QB for Arizona. Seattle wins this easy.

I like SF and what they're doing out there in the Bay. However I don't like them that much to say they beat the Packers. Especially since the past 6 times these teams have met GB has owned them taking all 6 easily. GB all the way.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay
Another team that interests me in the way they are rebuilding is Tampa. With that said I'm going with the Panthers and what we saw from them last year.

Pittsburgh @ Denver
Alright you all know where my heart is going on this one. Obviously I would love nothing more than to see the Steelers lose to the Broncos. You know what, with the injuries that have plagued the Steelers I'm siding with the Broncos on this one. Boncos win a close one 17-14

Cincy @ Baltimore
The Bengals have played us close and this game isn't going to be any different. Cincy is weak in the middle of their O-line and Ngata, Cody and Ray can exploit that weakness. You tie that together with our new no huddle offense and some new toys for Joe. I think we win this and win 28-17.

San Diego @ Oakland
Tough but I'm going Oakland. I would say with the upset but I don't think this game is an upset either way. Oakland by 3.

There you have it. Sorry it wasn't more detailed but this week cam up fast. I will break down the Ravens and Bengals in a day or so.

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