Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sad Day For The Ravens Family

This morning Baltimore awoke to the news that Art Modell had passed. I know the view on Mr Modell is mixed. Especially those living in Cleveland. He's even been compared to Irsay in the way the moved his team. Let me first say that Art was nothing like Irsay. Art tried and did what he could to keep his team in Cleveland and there was no cooperation. Irsay was a drunkard that had no intention on staying no matter what was offered to him and like a coward shipped the team out in the middle of the night. Another difference was the class move by Mr Modell to allow Cleveland to keep their history and team color's and name. For that I say "Thank you Art!" Man would I hate to be the Baltimore Brown's. Indy is sporting our name and took our history with them, all while pushing all the Baltimore greats like Unitas and Mackey aside and not wanting to have anything to do with them until recently when they wanted to make money off them with license plate sales. Let's not focus on this one dicision Mr Modell made, and let's look at all of the other's that has helped mold this league into what it is today.
Mr Modell was a supporter of expansion of NFL teams and growing the league, and was part of the merger of the AFL and NFL back in 1970. Was a part of creating preseason football bringing in more revenue for the league and also revenue-sharing plans which leveled the playing field for all teams in the league. In 1970 he offered his team the Browns to play the Jets on Monday night. Which was the first Monday football game and was the start of the Prime Time game it is today. Beyond his contributions to the league and bringing football back to Baltimore Art and his wife were always even in Cleveland big on helping the community and doing their part to help those in need.
A few years ago I was lucky even to be given the chance to help with the camera crew down on the field. That season was also the last in which Art was the majority owner and his two sons John and David were in their roles with the team. I wasn't able to meet Art himself but did meet John and David and if they were anything like their father I'm sure he was a great person, as the two of them came across to be. I also had a front row view of Mr Modell on stage after we won the Super Bowl and after the parade was over and they gathered on stage Mr Modell did his best Ray Lewis dance. It wasn't quite the same but he gave it his all. Mr. Modell may you rest in peace! From all of us fans here in Baltimore, for bringing us our Ravens we say to you...

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